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manora village II legal information

The Buyer can purchase the house and lease the land from The Seller.
The Leasehold will be registered at the Land Department in Hua Hin for 30 years. The Buyer will have the right to renew the Leasehold for two further periods of 30 years (30 +30 + 30 years). When ever he wishes, he will have the right to transfer the name of ownership to another person or to resell the property to a new client. In that case The Buyer will be responsible for all registration fees, transfer tax or stamp duties at the local Land Department. The new Buyer will receive from us a new Leasehold agreement of 30 years with the same rights and conditions as the previous Buyer.

30-year registered Leasehold for all Land Plots A is 18,000 Baht / 1 year
30-year registered Leasehold for all Land Plots B is 24,000 Baht / 1 year

The fees have always to be paid for one year in advance to The Seller, the first time on the day of the registration of the 30-year Leasehold.

The Buyer will pay a fee of 25,000 Baht for all the legal services, registration fee and stamp duties associated with the registration of the 30 year Leasehold at the Land Department in Hua Hin.

Transfer of House ownership:
The Buyer shall pay the Tax and Fees at the Land Office. The Seller shall pay the Tax to the Revenue Department and also VAT Tax.
The Seller shall pay the yearly Land Tax and the Buyer the yearly "House" Tax.

The Seller is responsible for all official permits.
The Seller also will provide the House Register with the official house address.

24 hours security guards
Maintenance of the swimming pool
Maintenance of the pump house
Maintenance of the common area
Maintenance of the project roads
Gardening of common garden area
Gardening of private garden area
Pest control in common area
Project electric expenses
Project water expenses
Property inspection
Garbage collection

Fee for all plots A is 54,192 Baht / 1 year
Fee for all plots B is 65,028 Baht / 1 year

The fees have always to be paid for one year in advance to The Seller

SINKING FUND: Each buyer shall make a one time payment of 20,000 THB into the fund. 





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