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manora fitness center


 Fitness Center at Manora Village III


Come and join us at our Manora Fitness Center situated at Manora Village III in Hua Hin Khao Tao, we have great new equipment. You will find a great selection of new exercising machines and we also can offer advice on how to achieve your fitness goals. Our Fitness Center is air-conditioned, there are two shower rooms and an office room.


Open Hours: Monday - Saturday from 8 Am - 12 Am



Standard Rates Per Person:


1 Day Pass                            200 THB

1 Week Membership         1,050 THB      equal 150 THB / 1 day

1 Month Membership        3,000 THB       equal 100 THB / 1 day

3 Months Membership      5,400 THB       equal 60 THB / 1 day

6 Months Membership      7,200 THB       equal 40 THB / 1 day

1 Year Membership         10,950 THB       equal 30 THB / 1 day



Partner Membership:


3 Months Partner Membership (2 persons)      7,200 THB      equal 40 THB / 1 day

6 Months Partner Membership (2 persons)    10,800 THB      equal 30 THB / 1 day

1 Year Partner Membership (2 persons)          14,600 THB     equal 20 THB / 1 day



Tickets or Membership Cards are available at the Management Office at Manora Village I or directly at the Fitness Center, Manora Village III.


It is not allowed to use the Swimming Pool at Manora Village III with a Fitness Ticket. The pool is reserved for house owners, residents, or rentners who are living in Manora Village III only!






For more information, please contact the Management Office at Manora Village I or Manora Village III


Open Hours: Monday - Saturday from 8 Am - 12 Am


Tel. 032-525051 or Mobile: 081-8578867 or Email:




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